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What is paintless dent repair?

Paintless Dent Repair or (PDR) is an environmentally friendly,expedient, cost effective method for repairing minor dents and dings to automobiles. Insurance Companies, Body Shops, Auto Dealers, and Individual Customers are discovering the advantages of using PDR compared to traditional conventional repair methods.

Because metal has a memory it is possible after much exercise and utilizing specially designed tools to treat the metal from the inside and to massage the dent out. And this repair is made without damaging the factory paint and finish.

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TO FURTHUR EXPLAIN. Take a tin can from a soda. If you push a small dent in the can, you can, with a little patience, push this dent back to its original shape, without damaging the paint. This type of dent you can compare with a dent in a car. It has everything to do with the MEMORY of the metal. Although this example is simple in understanding, the use of PDR is of a similar nature. You probably have washed your car and noticed a small park dent that was not there before. Maybe you have been caught in Mother Nature’s violence and experienced hail damage to your car. It’s possible your car may have suffered damage from a shopping cart or falling chestnut. Whatever the cause, PDR is the correct choice for you and the Best Company technicians utilizing PDR come from the Dutch Dent Genius. Paintless Dent Repair + Dutch Dent Genius=Original factory finish remains. Few or no Days in a rental car. Much less expensive than conventional repairs. GUARANTEED.

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